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In American homes, the kitchen serves as the hub of the family wheel. The kitchen is where all of the spokes meet. A contemporary kitchen remodel allows homeowners to transform the center of their home through important stages of designing, planning and installing to achieve their vision of the perfect family kitchen.



The planning process of a kitchen remodel with Home Love Construction starts with an initial consultation and same-day estimate. We take pride in designing and building beautiful kitchens, but our construction roots keep us grounded to the realities of a project. We aim to design kitchens that are beautiful, make a statement, and most of all, WORK for your lifestyle.



After coming to an agreement of an initial project budget, our kitchen design team designs the kitchen to maximize use of your space. This is where our listening skills become critically important, as we get to the heart of how you actually use your kitchen. Our goal in this phase is to fine-tune the plan, so your expectations are exceeded once the finished product is installed.



Once we agree on a design and draw-up a final budget for the project, we get to work pulling appropriate permits and ordering materials. Kitchen materials can have extremely long shipping and production times, in some cases. Patience is key during this phase! Once we have a permit in-hand, our installers begin the kitchen remodeling project.



The delivery phase of a kitchen remodel is when the actual work gets done, and it can be an emotional roller coaster. You sign up for the finished product you see in the design renderings, but between your recurrent kitchen and that finished product, we encounter lots of debris, dust, and challenges to overcome.The most important thing during this phase is to trust your project manager and installer team. They have seen more odd circumstances that you could even imagine. Rest assured, they are up for the challenge. Most people look back at this phase over a glass of wine and wonder “what were we so worried about!?”



The final stage of any kitchen is addressing the punch list. This can include having to re-order cracked doors or shelves damaged in transit, touching-up scuff marks and caulking, adjusting trims, installing hardware, repairing countertop blemishes, and a litany of other minor issues that often occur in kitchen remodeling. During this homestretch phase of the project, do not hesitate to bring up any issues you see with the finished kitchen. Our job is to get it right before we do a final clean and call your project “complete”. Our project managers have expectations of uncompromising quality and will not hesitate to throw on a tool belt if required to address lingering issues with a remodel.


How Much Does a Kitchen
Remodel Cost?

The short answer to this important question is: It depends! The longer answer is that kitchen remodel costs vary a great deal from project to project. Kitchen remodeling involves designing completely unique kitchens, which makes each budget completely customized to the project. The typical range for most kitchens in a 2000-4000 sq ft home is $40,000-$80,000. There are circumstances that can increase or decrease a budget and move it out of that range, including plumbing relocation, countertop size, and the number of cabinets and appliances. Our average kitchen remodel in 2023, is approximately $60,000. The best way to find out more about your specific project is to request a quote.


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