Home Love Construction Acquires Evans Design to Propel Innovation and Service Excellence

Home Love Construction, a leading figure in the construction industry renowned for its commitment to collaboration and innovation, proudly announces its acquisition of Evans Design, a respected General Contracting firm based in Clearwater, FL.


Under the visionary leadership of CEO Brad Bachand, Home Love Construction has consistently strived to revolutionize the construction sector. This strategic acquisition underscores Bachand’s unwavering dedication to advancing industry standards and fostering a culture of excellence.


Jay Evans, a highly esteemed contractor with a wealth of experience in the Tampa Bay area, embodies values synonymous with Home Love Construction’s ethos. Evans’ endorsement of his namesake company to Home Love Construction served as the catalyst for this transformative collaboration.


“This acquisition represents the first of many steps I plan to take in the consolidation of Florida’s residential construction market,” remarked CEO Brad Bachand.


For clients of Evans Design, this acquisition signifies an elevated standard of service and expertise. With seamless integration into the Home Love Construction family, clients can expect unparalleled support and solutions from a unified team.


Likewise, Home Love Construction clientele will reap the benefits of an expanded team and enhanced capabilities. With an increased capacity to cater to a broader clientele, Home Love Construction reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.