Are Construction Prices Going Down? Tampa Contractor Explains The Sudden Decrease!


Home Love Construction, a company based in the Tampa Bay area, recently received a surprise letter from one of their suppliers, Town and Country Industries. Town and Country Industries, a metal and window supplier that does hundreds of millions of dollars per year in business, announced that they would be reducing their prices by between six and eight percent due to a predicted decrease in the cost of their supplies.


This news took Brad, the owner of Home Love Construction, by surprise, as he had not seen this coming in the near future. In fact, in a previous video, Brad had predicted that construction prices would continue to rise. However, this price reduction may be a result of overshooting by suppliers, who raised prices more than necessary and are now adjusting them downward.


Despite this decrease in the cost of supplies, Brad does not expect labor prices to decrease in the near future. In the state of Florida, where Home Love Construction is licensed, the minimum wage is set to increase by one dollar every year for the next three or four years. This means that labor prices will only continue to increase, and skilled workers such as carpenters, masons, and painters can expect to see their wages increase as well.


This presents a challenge for the construction industry, as labor costs will continue to rise while the workforce dwindles. Many skilled workers are leaving the industry for other opportunities that offer the same or more pay with less stress and less physical toll on their bodies.


Brad and his team at Home Love Construction are working to find solutions to these challenges and to continue providing well-built homes for their clients. They are encouraging their followers to subscribe to their channel and to hit the notification bell in order to stay updated on their progress and to receive more price update videos as they go into the second half of 2022.


In conclusion, the construction industry is facing a number of challenges, including the rising cost of labor and a decrease in the number of skilled workers. However, some suppliers are passing on the cost savings to their clients as prices for supplies are decreasing. The construction industry will be an interesting space to watch in the second half of 2022, and Home Love Construction is doing their best to contribute to finding solutions for these challenges. If you want to support Home Love Construction, Brad suggests subscribing to their channel and hitting the notification bell to stay updated on their progress.


Apollo Nava