How To Build A Custom Shower Bench Seat


The construction industry has evolved in recent years and technology has played a major role in enhancing the construction process. In this transcript, Brad, a construction worker with Homeland Construction, builds a waterproof bench at ProSource using Schluter Kerdi-board, a building material that is ideal for constructing showers and other moisture-prone areas. In this article, we will look at the steps taken in building the bench and the various tools and materials used in the process.


Brad starts by explaining that they are building a bench using Schluter Kerdi-board. He points out that the material is perfect for constructing shower seats since it is waterproof and easy to install. They cut out the forms for the bench using groovy boards, and he explains that they cut four of them in total, which will act as studs spaced 16 inches on center. The plan is to adhere a roofed panel to these vertical supports, and once set, it will create a curved seat in the shower.


Brad then explains that they are using a small multi-tool with a sawzall blade to cut the groovy boards. The blade has teeth and produces a smooth cut edge, making it easy to trim the boards. They complete the cutting and move on to the next step.


The next step is mixing the thinset, which they will use to hold the bench in place. Brad shows how the thick the thinset is, and he points out that it is easy to spread. The thick consistency is a good sign, as it means the thinset will grab onto the wall firmly.


They get creative with some of Schluter’s other products and use extra board to shim the bottom of the bench. This allows them to correct the height and place the bench wherever they want it. Brad is excited about the bench’s potential to sell, and he hopes to see a customer walk in and buy it.


Next, Brad shows the vertical supports they have cut and points out that they added a stiffening rod at the back to keep the bench from moving horizontally. They apply thinset to each of the vertical studs, adhere the roofed panel to them, and use a level to pack it down to ensure that it is flat. The water will run off, and they won’t have any drainage issues.


Finally, Brad shows the finished product, which will set overnight. He explains that they will need to fill the back with thinset to enhance its structural integrity. The bench is free-standing, and the installation process is easy, making it an ideal addition to any shower.


In conclusion, building a waterproof bench in a shower is an easy process, as shown in this transcript. Schluter Kerdi-board is a versatile building material that can be used for various construction projects, and its waterproof feature makes it ideal for showers and other moisture-prone areas. Using a small multi-tool with a sawzall blade to cut the groovy boards, applying the thick and easy to spread thinset, and adding a stiffening rod to the vertical supports are some of the essential steps in constructing a bench. The finished product is a bench that is easy to install, free-standing, and waterproof. It is perfect for a shower and adds comfort to any bathroom.

Apollo Nava