Remodeling an Old House Built in 1920!


Flipping a house is no small task, and it takes a certain level of expertise to do it successfully. In this transcript, Brad from Home Love Construction takes us through the process of flipping a house. The house in question is a 98-year-old Spanish-style home that is in poor condition. However, despite its condition, Brad is excited about the potential of this house and its resale value.


One of the best things about the house is that many of its original features are still intact. For example, the floors are the original wood floors and are in great condition, which is a huge plus for the resale value of the house. Additionally, the exterior of the house is in great condition, aside from needing paint and a new roof.


One of the challenges of this project is that the house is old, and many of its features need updating. For example, the ceilings are in poor condition, with a lot of drywall falling. Brad plans to redo all the ceilings and refinish and texture them in a period-appropriate style like skip trowel or Spanish lace.


The kitchen is another area of the house that needs updating, but Brad is unsure what to do with it. He notes that the cabinets just need a coat of paint and new countertops, but they haven’t yet decided what to do with it. The decision will be based on their potential resale value and the cost of updating the kitchen.


Despite the challenges, Brad is excited about this project and the potential of the house. He notes that the goal is to update the house while keeping its original look, giving it a fresh look as if it were a 1920s-style house built in 2018. To achieve this, they plan to paint the trim, refinish the floors, and keep the original doors and trim, which are in great condition.


Brad also notes that the house has two chimneys and fireplaces that are in great condition and will remain as is, aside from being sprayed white. Additionally, the master bathroom is in poor condition and will need significant updating, but Brad is confident that they can make it work.


One of the challenges of this project is that it will take a long time to complete, and many of the tasks will be tedious. They are working within the confines of keeping the old features while trying to disguise the new as old. This requires a certain level of skill and expertise, but Brad is excited to take on the challenge.


One interesting point that Brad makes is that they haven’t done a great job of documenting the start of the project. They are trying to rectify this by providing an in-depth view of the house before they begin work. This is a great reminder that documentation is essential in any project, especially one as involved as flipping a house.


Flipping a house is a risky business, and Brad acknowledges that they don’t know if it will be successful. However, he is excited to have us follow along with the process and share whether they were successful or not. It’s refreshing to see someone in the industry be honest about the risks involved and not sugarcoat the process.


In conclusion, flipping a house is not for the faint of heart. It requires a certain level of expertise, skill, and risk-taking. Brad from Home Love Construction takes us through the process of flipping a 98-year-old Spanish-style house, detailing the challenges and potential of the project. Despite the risks involved, Brad is excited to have us follow along with the process and share the results.

Apollo Nava