How To Install a Schluter Systems Shower.


The world of construction is an exciting and constantly evolving industry, and it is always fascinating to see the different methods and materials used by professionals. One such example is shown in a video by Brad from Home of Construction, who provides a step-by-step guide on how to install a Schluter Kerdi cloth surround for a shower.


According to Brad, the installation of the Schluter Kerdi cloth surround is a great opportunity to upgrade the waterproofing of a bathroom. The product is made of a fibrous cloth material that is thin-setted to the wall. The way this product works is that the thinset actually bonds to the exposed fibers on the surface of the material, providing a really tight grab, and there is a waterproofing membrane in the actual material, which means that it will hold water. Therefore, once a good bond is achieved, the walls are waterproofed, and any tile can be installed on top of it. This means that half-inch drywall can be used as the substrate, rather than cement board, making the installation process easier and more cost-effective.


The Schluter Kerdi cloth surround is applied by putting thinset on the walls and then laying the cloth over it. To ensure a good bond, the cloth is then “burned” into the thinset, using the flat edge of a drywall knife or trowel. Two different seams are made: a lapped seam and a banded seam. A prefabricated inside and outside corner is used, along with banding material along the bottom edge of the seam.


Brad also mentions the installation of a sloped floor, which is covered with the Schluter Kerdi cloth surround. He advises mixing the thinset to a consistency similar to mayonnaise, which makes it easier to spread and better able to find the fabric. Once the cloth is laid over the floor, it is also burned into the thinset. Brad highlights the importance of letting it set for 24 hours and water-testing it before proceeding to the tiling stage.


While Brad acknowledges that installing the Schluter Kerdi cloth surround is a messy process, he believes that the advantages of using it over cement board make it worthwhile. He claims that it is a higher quality product and is more cost-effective than other waterproofing methods, such as using Redguard. In addition, it provides a better substrate for tile installation.


Brad’s video provides a great insight into the world of construction, particularly for those who may be undertaking a DIY project or simply interested in the process. It also highlights the importance of waterproofing in bathrooms and the different materials and techniques available to achieve this.


Overall, the Schluter Kerdi cloth surround is an innovative product that offers an effective, cost-effective and easy-to-install waterproofing solution. It is a great example of how the construction industry is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of both professionals and homeowners alike.

Apollo Nava