Where HLC Buys Flooring


“Pro Source” is a flooring store located in Port Richey, and it’s the primary flooring supplier for “Home Love Construction.” In this store, they find the exact right material for a specific project that gives customers the end product they want. In this article, we’ll look at the unique features of Pro Source that sets it apart from other big-box stores.


One of the primary reasons contractors prefer Pro Source over other stores like Home Depot is the quality of service. Unlike big-box stores, where customers can’t get personalized attention, Pro Source takes pride in offering one-on-one business relations. Moreover, the owners themselves run the store, which makes the level of personalization even better. This is particularly essential for an industry that requires customers to touch and feel products in person, which is why Pro Source stands out from the rest.


One unique feature of Pro Source is its massive selection of products. From wood flooring to carpets, Pro Source has it all, making it the go-to place for anyone looking for a diverse range of products. This broad selection is particularly helpful when working on bathroom projects where customers may want different tiles, shower tiles, accent man, cabinetry, and paint, among others.

The showroom allows customers to take different products and create a mood board to match everything together. As Brad points out, the idea is to put all the products side by side to ensure they match before installation. This is particularly essential when dealing with permanent products like tiles because a slight difference in shade can affect the overall look of the final product.


It’s not just the quality of service that sets Pro Source apart. Brad notes that this is the only store that is owned and operated by the same people. As a result, there’s a level of personalized service that customers can’t get in any other store. The staff knows who you are when you come in, which is crucial in a field where trust is essential. This is a clear indication that Pro Source values its customers and is committed to ensuring they get what they need.


Choosing the right materials is essential in ensuring the end product looks as envisioned. That’s why Brad encourages anyone planning a remodeling project to take the time to see the products in person before making any purchases. This is the only way to ensure that the products match and create the perfect finish.


One significant benefit of Pro Source is that it offers contractors access to quality materials that are not available in other stores. This access to high-quality products is critical in ensuring that customers get value for their money. While big-box stores are known for providing cheap products, they may not be the best option when you’re looking for quality and a unique touch.


The selection of products available at Pro Source means that customers can get exactly what they want. They don’t have to compromise on their choice of tiles, carpets, or wood flooring because the store has everything they need. This is particularly important for contractors who may have different customers with unique tastes.


Pro Source provides a unique shopping experience that sets it apart from other stores. Customers get to see the products in person, touch and feel them, and create a mood board to match everything together. This personalized experience is what sets Pro Source apart and makes it the go-to store for customers looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.


In summary, Pro Source is an excellent option for contractors and anyone looking to buy quality flooring materials. It offers a vast selection of products, a unique shopping experience, and personalized customer service. The showroom allows customers to see the products in person, which is essential when dealing with permanent products like tiles. While big-box stores may provide cheap products, Pro Source offers quality materials that are not available elsewhere. Therefore, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your flooring materials, Pro Source should be your first choice.

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