Construction Material Shortage Update. What Is Delayed Now And Why Is It Happening? (SEP 2021)


Material Shortages and Delays in the Construction Industry


Brad with Home Love Construction provides an update on the current status of material shortages and what to expect in terms of delays. The first item on the list is paint, which is in short supply due to a shortage of the paint base, a mixture of different chemicals, used to make all paint. High-quality paint that uses more of the paint base and is thicker tends to be delayed and can take one to two weeks to obtain.


The second item is drywall finishing materials, specifically drywall mud, which is also in short supply, particularly the good quality material used by contractors in the Tampa Bay area. This material used to be readily available, but now has a lead time of one week. Lumber products, including plywood, two by fours, beams, and two by twelves, are also starting to experience delays, but not to the extent that it is taking six months to receive a single piece of lumber.


The issue of windows continues to be exacerbated, with lead times of six to twelve weeks, and in some cases, up to 20 weeks. The problem is especially pronounced with custom windows and sliding glass doors. Appliance orders are also extremely delayed and should be ordered as early as possible.


The market in the Tampa Bay area continues to accelerate, and as a result, there is a shortage of labor. Lead times for subcontractors and installer crews are going down, and it is becoming more difficult to find workers. This shortage of workers will result in interruptions in the construction process, as tradespeople are unable to come to a project if the necessary materials are not available.


In conclusion, Home Love Construction is working hard to minimize interruptions in projects, but due to the material shortages and labor shortage, there will likely be some delays. For the latest updates on material prices and availability, Brad suggests subscribing to the Home Love Construction YouTube channel and liking the Facebook page. He plans to provide updates on a regular basis.

Apollo Nava