How Can I Raise My Ceilings?


Raising the ceiling in your home is a major renovation project, but it can provide a significant change to the look and feel of your home. There are three ways to raise the ceiling in your home, each with its own benefits and limitations.


The first option is to lift the entire roof system and build the walls up to the new roof height. This is the most involved option and requires the entire house to be vacant for months, as well as replacing the drywall, HVAC system, wiring, and plumbing in the attic. However, if you are planning on renovating the entire house, this is a great way to achieve a higher ceiling as you are not limited in how high you can go.


The second option is to stay with the existing trusses and cut the first vertical support in the truss, creating a big tray ceiling in the middle of your home. This option provides about 12 to 18 inches of height increase and can be a great option if your trusses are in the right layout. However, this option may have limitations depending on the location of your trusses and will require the recommendation of a structural engineer or architect to determine if it is an option for your home.


The third option is to take the back side of the trusses, brace them, cut off the ends and build the outer wall higher. This option is best if you live in a waterfront home and want to have bigger windows and sliders in the back of your home, as well as a higher ceiling to enhance your view. This option is much more cost-effective than lifting the entire roof and provides the desired effect of having a higher ceiling and taller windows.


In the Tampa Bay area, Home Love Construction can help you with any of these three options for raising your ceiling. If you are considering a major renovation to raise your ceilings, they can either do the renovation for you or recommend a structural engineer or architect who can assist you. Regardless of which option you choose, raising the ceiling in your home is a big project that can provide a significant transformation to your home.

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