Can I Add A Second Story To My Home?


Home Love Construction is here to answer the question that is being asked more and more often, “Can I add a second story to my home?” The short answer is yes, in most cases, you can add a second story to your home. However, there are a few limitations and things to consider before you get started.


The first thing to consider is the structure of your home. If your home is a block home, you will need to increase the size of the footings by digging down and adding more concrete along the exterior wall of the home. Additionally, you may need to cut some vertical channels in the side of the block home and fill them with concrete to reinforce it and handle the added weight of the second story.


When you add a second story above an existing roof, you will need to rip off the roof and remove the ceiling, ductwork, insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, low voltage, and more. All of this must be redone, and this is an aspect of renovation that is often overlooked by homeowners, but it is essential to keep in mind.


In a wood frame home, you can take the drywall off from the inside and add vertical posts set in concrete footers to reinforce the existing structure of the first floor walls. This support structure can then hold the beams that will support the second story.


It is also important to consider the height limitations in your neighborhood. Many neighborhoods have a height limit on homes, so it is crucial to check before starting a project like this. For example, in the city of Tampa, the height limit is 35 feet. However, there may be opportunities for variances if you can prove that the height of your home won’t detract from the neighborhood.


In conclusion, adding a second story to your home is possible in most cases, but there are several things to consider. You must assess the structure of your home, the required renovations, and the height limitations in your neighborhood before you get started. Home Love Construction would love to help you with your second story edition or renovation. They have a proprietary design-build process that guarantees a smooth project. You can start this process by visiting their website, homelove.construction.


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Apollo Nava