Should I Match Grout With Tile?


Grout and tile are two important components of any renovation project, and choosing the right grout color to match your tile is a crucial decision. Brad from Home Love Construction explains that in most cases, it’s best to blend the grout with your tile to make the grout joints less noticeable. This will also make cleaning easier because grout and tile will wear and fade evenly, keeping the look of your tiles consistent.


However, there are some instances where you might want to use grout to accent the design of the tile. In these cases, Brad recommends using a lighter grout color, not a darker one. Dark grout can stain light tiles, so it’s best to avoid this combination. Instead, use a colored grout to highlight the design of the tile, but be sure to use a top-notch installer who can deliver the results you want.


Brad explains that it’s important to work with an installer who understands your vision and can deliver a flawless tile installation. If you’re not confident in your installer’s work, it’s best to stick to blending the grout with your tile. This will prevent any mistakes from becoming a permanent eyesore in your home.


If you’re looking to accent the tile design, a great way to do this is by using a lighter grout color. Brad has seen great applications of this, such as a herringbone subway tile with white grout, which looked clean and crisp. However, to achieve this look, the design of the tile has to be top-notch, and the installer must have a good eye for detail.


Black grout is something that Brad avoids in most cases, unless the tile is also black. In these cases, black grout can look great, especially if the rest of the bathroom has a light color scheme. To offset the black grout, Brad suggests adding a bit of light or color to the room to keep the look balanced.


In conclusion, the decision to match or accent your grout with your tile depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. To make the grout joints less noticeable and make cleaning easier, blend the grout with the tile. However, if you’re looking to accent the design of the tile, choose a lighter grout color and be sure to work with a top-notch installer. Avoid using a dark grout with a light tile, and steer clear of black grout unless the tile is also black.

Apollo Nava