How Do You Build A Room Addition?


Home Love Construction is an established construction company located in the Tampa Bay area, offering their services to clients in Golf Harbors, Tampa, Saint Pete, and Clearwater. In this update, Brad, the representative of the company, is giving a quick overview of their recent project in Golf Harbors.


The project is a master suite addition to a building and Brad is standing inside the suite, giving a two-minute update on what has happened since their last video. The drywall is now up, windows and doors are installed, and the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical and plumbing work is complete.


Brad wanted to highlight two particular aspects of the project. The first is the bathroom setup. They have installed the shower head and the valve on opposite sides of the wall, which is an unusual setup but provides the homeowner with the convenience of getting into a warm shower without having to wait for the water to heat up. The second aspect that Brad wanted to highlight was the moisture-resistant drywall they used, which is purple in color. The drywall is sag-resistant, moisture-resistant and won’t mold over time, providing a better product for the homeowner. The cost was only a dollar fifty more per sheet, but the additional investment comes with a five-year warranty and power guarantees.


Brad also mentioned the use of pocket doors in the bathroom and the closet, which saves space and allows for full use of the master suite. The pocket doors are expected to arrive soon, and Brad is excited about how it will make the project different and cool.


If you’re interested in obtaining a free same-day estimate for a project in the Tampa Bay area, you can reach out to Home Love Construction by sending an email to homeloveconstruction@gmail.com. One of their estimators will be happy to provide you with an estimate, so don’t wait, go ahead and email them.


In conclusion, Home Love Construction is dedicated to providing high-quality construction services to their clients in the Tampa Bay area. Brad’s quick update on their project in Golf Harbors showcases the company’s attention to detail and their commitment to using better products and providing exceptional customer service.

Apollo Nava