Do I Need A General Contractor To Replace My Roof?


Brad from Home of Construction is here to answer the question of whether you need a general contractor for a roof replacement. The simple answer is no, a general contractor is not required for a roof replacement. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to roofing and general contracting.


In Florida, roofing work requires a roofing license. This means that if you’re doing a roof replacement, you’ll need to find someone with a roofing license to do the job. However, if you’re doing a major renovation or building an addition to your home, the general contractor can build the structure and then add the roof to the portion they built. They can’t legally re-roof the rest of the roof and must hire a roofer to do that.


A general contractor building a home from scratch can legally have their employees install a new roof on the structure. This is an interesting quirk in Florida’s licensing laws, where you need a roofing license for a re-roof but can use a general contractor’s license for a new roof on a new structure.


It’s important to be aware of these licensing laws, as they can affect your home renovation project. If you’re not aware of the licensing requirements, you might think that the general contractor’s insurance will cover any damages, but insurance won’t cover a contractor who is operating outside the scope of their license. This is something that homeowners need to be aware of to protect themselves.


For example, if a carpenter is asked to hook up the sinks while they’re doing the trim, and there’s an explosion, the insurance company won’t cover them. This is because they’re working outside the scope of their license.


In conclusion, while a general contractor is not required for a roof replacement, it’s important to understand the licensing laws and the potential risks involved. Most contractors do great work, but there are a few who operate outside the scope of their license. If you’re looking for more information on how to protect yourself as a homeowner during a renovation, subscribe to Home of Construction’s YouTube channel. If you’re looking to get your renovation designed and built, check out Home of Construction’s design process.

Apollo Nava