Do I Need Custom Cabinets?


In this article, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of custom cabinetry versus RTA, or ready-to-assemble, cabinetry. Both types of cabinets come with a standard level of construction, but custom cabinetry typically has a thicker full plywood construction, whereas RTA cabinets are made of good quality plywood construction.


RTA cabinets have a quick turnaround time in both the design and construction phases, making them a good choice for those who need their cabinets installed quickly. They are also often in stock locally, eliminating the need to source the cabinetry from far away.


One downside to RTA cabinets is the limited selections of color and style, which may only have 10 selections to choose from. Additionally, filler strips may be necessary for proper spacing between certain cabinets, and there may not be as many custom options for things like oven cabinets and full-height doors.


Custom cabinetry offers a completely blank slate, allowing for personalized changes to door sizes, door fronts, and color. This provides the opportunity to add a personal touch to your kitchen. However, custom cabinets are more expensive, carrying about a 45% premium over standard RTA construction.


In terms of accessories, RTA cabinets are limited to standard trims like light rail molding and crown molding, while custom cabinetry allows for intricate details and more design options.


Overall, the speaker prefers RTA cabinets due to their easy installation and quick turnaround time, as well as the quality of the plywood construction. However, he acknowledges that each home and customer is different and has unique needs and budgets.


In conclusion, both custom cabinetry and RTA cabinets have their pros and cons. RTA cabinets are a good choice for those who need a quick installation and have a limited budget, while custom cabinetry is a good choice for those who want complete control over their kitchen design and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Apollo Nava