Is It Worth It To Do A Small Room Addition?


Home Love Construction’s Brad provides insights on the value of adding a small room addition to a house. In this article, Brad will be discussing the pros and cons of adding a small room addition and whether or not it is worth it.


When considering a small room addition, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the addition. A small room addition can be used for many things such as adding a bedroom, office space, or even a closet.


Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario. If a house is 2,000 square feet and is worth 250 dollars per square foot, and the homeowner wants to add a 10 by 10 office, they would be adding 100 square feet. The cost of construction for a small room addition in 2020 is around 275 to 325 dollars per square foot. However, if the room is smaller, the cost per square foot will be higher. In this scenario, the homeowner might end up paying 400 dollars per square foot.


The next scenario is a 20 by 20 room addition. This would add 400 square feet and the cost per square foot would be lower, around 300 dollars per square foot. This means that the homeowner would almost immediately get all of their money back in equity from the square footage added. This is because as the size of the addition increases, the cost per square foot decreases. This is because a larger addition requires fewer walls, reducing construction costs.


The walls are a major expense in construction because they require concrete footings, which are expensive to build. Adding a few more square feet to the addition makes the project more worthwhile, reducing the cost per square foot, even if the total cost increases.


In conclusion, the answer to the question of whether or not it is worth it to do a small room addition is that it can be but usually, it is more worth it to add a couple more square feet to the addition to make it more substantial. This will reduce the cost per square foot and make the project more justifiable, giving the homeowner better value for their money. Brad’s final thoughts are that going bigger is usually the better option for room additions, giving homeowners a better return on investment.

Apollo Nava