Should I Build An Addition Or Move? Why Building An Addition May Be The Right Choice For Your Family


When people are considering adding an addition to their home, it’s likely that they’ve outgrown that space, due to a number of reasons. But most people can get very accustomed to where they live and moving may not be an option, but they still need the extra space. 


A massive reason to add a room addition to your home is that you get added space without disruption to your personal/family life.


Over the past 10 years in the Tampa Bay area, home values have been rising at a steady rate since the recession. It has gotten to a point where the cost of adding on is less in most neighborhoods than the value you receive back from the room addition itself.


This is a very good balance right now that won’t last forever. 


Although real estate prices in the Tampa Bay area are rising, construction costs (including labor and materials) are currently rising at a greater rate due to increased demand on a decreased labor pool. 


But with the current timeframe, this is a great value proposition to where most of our clients receive back as much, if not more, in equity on what they spent on completing their room addition. 


There are some houses that you drive up to and think, “wow that’s a beautiful home” and others where you think “wow, that’s a home!”.


The addition or subtraction of the word “beautiful” many times has to do with the profiling of the house from the street.


So when you’re adding structure or changing roof lines, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of and totally change the look of a house. 


So when people see your home they can say, “wow that’s a beautiful home” and not 

“oh, that’s a house”.


One of the best things about room additions is that they can be built without intruding on your life, in most cases. One of the most jarring things about remodeling for most people is how much it disrupts their daily flow.


In order to create a room addition, you build the shell of the building that you’re adding on to first, then open up from the existing living space to the new part. 


What this allows us to do is essentially build the new space outside your “home bubble” until it is ready to be added to the existing home. Compared to a kitchen remodel, which can disrupt large parts of your personal life, room additions allow you to refrain from having to rearrange your daily schedule until the project is done. This makes the project a lot less stressful and it goes by much quicker. 

If you have a remodeling question or inquires about remodeling your space in the Tampa Bay Area, please send an email to homeloveconstruction@gmail.com 


-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia