What Is the Difference Between Block & Wood Homes? Clearwater General Contractor Answers!


The difference between block and wood homes is one of the most popular questions we get asked. Continue reading to learn what distinguishes a wooden home from a block home. 


The main difference between block and wood homes is simply, the material used to build them.


Block (also known as cinderblock) homes are built with 8-inch by 16-inch cinder blocks that have two holes in the top of them. They are stacked upwards in a staggering position to create the walls of a home. The roof is typically made out of wooden trusses still. 


Wooden homes are first built on top of a slab foundation to help support the weight of the structure. Then the walls of the home are constructed out of either 2×4, 2×6, or 2×8 pieces of wood that have studs in them. Once the walls are stood up and set in place, the roof is constructed out of wood. 


This is the major difference between block and wood homes. Of course, deciding which one to go with depends on other factors including budget, location, and type of project. 


In other videos and articles, we discuss the pros and cons of each option, wood and block pricing, and go further in-depth on what it takes to build each type of home. 


But this article’s goal was to provide you with the most simplistic answer to the difference between the two. 


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-Brad Bachand


Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia


Emily Lavechia