How Can I Raise My Ceilings? Tampa General Contractor Answers!


Ceiling-raising renovations are a common construction project that is entirely possible to complete. There are a few ways to raise your ceilings so deciding on which one to go with depends on a few factors. Including budget, desired height, and the current truss layout in your home. This article goes over the three ways to raise the ceiling of a home and what those methods involve. 


The first way is to disconnect the entire roofing system from the house, lift it, and then build the walls up to the new height. This is a major construction project and requires the entire house to be vacant for months. The drywall needs to be stripped off the ceiling, the HV/AC system has to be replaced, and all of the electrical wiring that goes through the attic must be replaced. 


If you’re planning on renovating the whole house, this ceiling-raising method is highly recommended since there are no limits to how high you could raise your ceilings. 


The next ceiling-raising option is to use the existing trusses in your home. This is done by cutting the first vertical support in the truss structure and recessing the middle of the ceiling upwards. Doing this method creates a tray ceiling in the middle of your home.  


The tray ceiling option also allows for 12-18 inches of additional ceiling height.  


It’s important to keep in mind what your home’s truss layout is for this option. Depending on the existing location and heights of your structural trusses, a tray ceiling addition could only be possible in certain areas of your home. This option also requires an engineer to determine if your home meets the proper requirements for it. 


The final method is to brace the backside of the home’s trusses, cut off the ends, and extend the truss ends and outer wall. This option is recommended to those who want to expand the view from their home, such as waterfront homes. 


All three of these options are completely possible for any ceiling-raising project. But deciding which one to go with depends on your budget, how high you want your ceilings, and your home’s current condition. 


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-Brad Bachand


Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia