What Is A Concrete Footer?


In almost every new construction project, the first step once the ground is broken is to pour what is called a footer or footing. This is a critical step in a construction project because the footer is what gives a building its long-term stability.


In Florida, there isn’t enough stable rock in the ground when you dig down. The soil is also incredibly loose and sandy, resulting in shifts in the ground over time. This makes for an unstable base for any construction work. 


To combat this, a footer of about 24 inches deep is set into the ground and evenly spread out (essentially creating our own “rock”) so the slab and block walls can be built on top of this base. 


This method prevents the footer from sinking over time. 


Depending on the location and type of soil present, the footer can vary in width and length. 


Especially for block construction in Florida, the footer is a necessary component in keeping the building stable. 


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-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia