Testimonial From A Satisfied HLC Customer


The success of a home renovation project is often attributed to finding the right contractor. In this testimonial, the homeowners express their satisfaction with their contractor, Home Love Construction, who impressed them with his upfront and transparent communication style. Wes took the time to prepare them for the project, even providing an itemized list that gave them more time to prepare for the renovations.

Wes’s artistic eye was also helpful in visualizing their concept and clarifying ideas. Communication was a priority for the homeowners, and Wes kept them informed throughout the project, which was especially important during the pandemic.

Despite the expected mess and dirt that comes with a renovation, the contractor took great care to keep the area as clean as possible. This gave the homeowners peace of mind, as they didn’t want to constantly monitor the progress. They also appreciated the contractor’s honesty, dependability, and no-nonsense approach.

The contractor was able to ease the homeowners through the design changes and challenges they faced. For instance, when the placement of the new tub was being discussed, Thomas suggested dropping the back wall and moving the tub back into place, which made the room bigger and avoided the same type of arrangement they had before.

The homeowners were also pleased with the advice they received on the feature wall in the bathroom. Brad, another contractor, suggested the idea, and Justin, the recommended contractor, did a phenomenal job with it. The homeowners initially had to be convinced to go through with it, but they ultimately loved the end result.

Colors were also important, and Wes took the time to help them with blending and mixing, coming back with samples for separate meetings until they arrived at the final color. This was a very intense process, but it paid off in the end.

The homeowners were surprised by how smoothly the renovation went, especially given their two Type-A personalities. They found the experience to be far better than they had expected and were pleased with the end product. They even mentioned wanting to have the same contractor do the rest of their bathrooms.

Overall, the homeowners had a phenomenal experience with their contractor, and they were pleased with his communication, transparency, artistic eye, honesty, dependability, and no-nonsense approach. Their renovation project was a success, and they were happy with the end result.

Apollo Nava