TOP FIVE Features To Add To Your Kitchen Remodel


If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, Brad from Home Love Construction has put together a list of the top five features that you should consider adding to your kitchen.


  1. Pot Filler A pot filler is a faucet that’s mounted on your stove. It allows you to fill a pot on the stove without having to go over to the sink or the fridge to get filtered water. This feature makes cooking big meals much easier and faster, especially if you do a lot of pasta boiling, broth making, or brewing.
  2. Mixing Stand A mixing stand is a mechanism that you can put inside a cabinet to make it easier to use your mixer or blender. You pull it out of the cabinet and it locks in place, ready to use. It also has an outlet inside the cabinet, so you can leave your mixer or blender plugged in. This feature makes cooking and blending much easier, and it’s a great fun addition to your kitchen.
  3. Outlets in Cabinets Outlets in your kitchen cabinets are a convenient feature to have, especially if you use a lot of small appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, or microwave. This feature eliminates the need for long cords and makes it easier to use your small appliances.
  4. Cabinet Organization Cabinet organization is a great feature to have in your kitchen. It can help you keep your kitchen cabinets tidy and easy to find what you need. There are a lot of different options for cabinet organization, like pull-out shelves, dividers, and lazy Susans.
  5. Smart Home Integration Smart home integration is a feature that allows you to control your kitchen appliances, lighting, and temperature with your voice or your phone. This feature is great for convenience and ease of use, and it can save you time and energy.


In conclusion, these are the top five features that you should add to your kitchen during your renovation. Of course, you don’t have to do all five of them, but these features will make your kitchen more convenient, efficient, and fun to use. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, consider adding one or more of these features to make the most of your renovation.

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