What Is A Bungalow?


A bungalow is a single-story house that has specific defining features that set it apart from other styles of homes. There are three major characteristics that determine if a home is a bungalow or not. Firstly, a bungalow is a single-story house and if there is a second story, it is a small portion of the square footage and is built into the slope of the roof. Secondly, bungalows typically have wide porches or verandas. These porches may wrap around the house and are often supported by big pillars. Thirdly, bungalows have a lot of windows on the front of the house, letting in a lot of light. This was especially popular when bungalows were popular in construction, as windows were not as expensive at the time.


In the Tampa Bay area, bungalows can often be seen in the South Tampa or Gandy area. Bungalows are also commonly turned into Airbnb rentals due to the natural light that comes through the windows, making the interior very beautiful. If you are interested in designing and building a bungalow, Home Love Construction can help you with both the design and construction process. They have a licensed general contractor and can handle the design process for you. If you are outside of the Tampa Bay area, they also offer virtual design services and can assist with vetting and auditing the quote of a local contractor you may hire.


Home Love Construction has a lot of experience in making bungalows look amazing, and they know what to avoid and how to make them functional for your life and goals. They offer design consultations, and you can book one with one of their design experts by going to their website, homelove.construction/design. If you are interested in transforming an existing home into a bungalow, they can handle that as well.


In conclusion, a bungalow is a single-story house with wide porches, big windows, and a sloping roof. If you are interested in designing or transforming your home into a bungalow, Home Love Construction can help you with the process. They offer both in-person and virtual design services, and have the expertise to make your bungalow look amazing and functional for your life.

Apollo Nava