3 Things You Must Know Before You Remodel Your Condo. General Contractor Pulls Back The Curtain.


Condo remodels are popular projects we receive, especially in the Tampa Bay area. But it’s important to note that condo remodels can differ from home renovations in a few ways. 


Firstly, in condo remodels, there is a process involved called trip-time. This essentially means the amount of time workers have to spend moving materials and appliances in and out of the building complex. 


The biggest problem with condo remodels is that once a renovation begins, contractors often find themselves not being able to finish the project, and they end up leaving it. So it’s important to have someone who is experienced with moving a high volume of materials so that they don’t walk off your project.


But this situation can be easily avoided if you hire an experienced contracting company. 


The next difference is that renovations in condo buildings are considered commercial remodels, so you have to follow specific commercial building codes during your remodeling process. 


This includes certain electrical protocols, building around sprinkler heads, fire alarm systems, and in some situations, working above what’s called a post-tension slab. 


This means that if you have to do concrete removal, you might have to cut a post-tension rod, which can be extremely costly. Also depending on the building code, you might not be allowed to remove any of the building structure.


So it’s important to know what you’re planning for to avoid costly situations and remodel issues. This is why it’s highly recommended that you hire a contractor who has experience and insight into what it takes to remodel a condo. 


If you have a remodeling question or inquires about remodeling your space in the Tampa Bay Area, please send an email to homeloveconstruction@gmail.com 

-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia