Do I Need Custom Cabinets? The Real Difference Between Custom Plywood Cabinets And Semi Custom Boxes


Kitchen renovations are one of our most popular projects. But within that, having a proper cabinet installation is a vital part of the renovation process, and it’s important to know which type of cabinets are best for your remodel. 


Both RTA and custom cabinets will have a certain standard of construction. RTA cabinets will involve full plywood construction, whereas custom cabinetry will contain a thicker material of plywood.


Accessory-wise, RTA cabinets will have limited features such as generic trims. This includes light rail molding and crown molding. 


RTA cabinets have a quick design and installment phase, they’re typically in stock locally and are made from good quality plywood construction. However, they are limited in colors, styles, and designs. You’ll also have to use filler strips during installation.


Custom cabinets have the advantage of being a completely blank slate. Choosing this option allows you to change the door sizes, fronts, colors, and style. 


Custom cabinets give you the benefit of adding your own personal touch to your kitchen. 


But compared to RTA cabinets, custom cabinetry will be higher in price. Having around a 45% premium rate. Adding features such as intricate door details, pullouts, or various other accessories can also increase the price. 


In terms of installment, RTA cabinets are easier to source and work with. The entire process, from sourcing to installment will typically take a few weeks. Meanwhile, custom cabinets can take months to collect and install. 


Of course, every construction project is different and requires various features. So it’s up to the client to decide which option works best for them and their budget. 


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-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia