Are Material Prices Going Up?


The current situation with the availability of construction materials and its impact on the costs of construction projects is a significant concern in the industry today. Brad from Home Love Construction has tackled this issue and outlined its impact on various areas of a construction project. In this article, we will examine the key points made in the transcript.


Brad emphasized that the biggest impact on timelines comes from delays in windows and doors, as well as appliances. He also mentioned that the lead time for PGT, a popular brand, has increased to 20 to 24 weeks from the usual 8 to 10 weeks, which may cause delays for homeowners who want this specific brand. However, other brands such as Custom Window Systems may still have low lead times.


The price of windows, doors, and sliding glass doors has increased by about 8% since last year. This price hike is significant since materials make up the majority of the total cost of windows and doors. It’s worth noting that if a homeowner wants to do an addition, they should expect delays since the windows and doors usually go in relatively early in the process.


The rise in prices has also affected the cost of glass, which has doubled from $2 to $4 per square foot. This price increase has affected the price of shower enclosures, pieces of glass in the bathroom, pieces of glass in the kitchen, and glass walls. However, the labor cost for these products is much higher than the cost of raw materials.


Brad advised homeowners to be patient and to work with contractors who are working around the current situation. Contractors have to be creative to keep their projects moving, and homeowners should be aware of the limitations of the supply chain. Brad’s company, Home Love Construction, is one such contractor that is working to ensure their clients are not left out in the cold.


The delay in cabinets can be another issue if homeowners choose brands that source their wood from China. Brad mentioned that most cabinets he buys are American-made, so the delay is not significant for his business. However, homeowners who want cabinets from Chinese brands should expect delays in their delivery times.


Specialty tiles and stones coming from Italy or other countries are also experiencing slight delays. These delays are due to the current supply chain issues and are expected to continue in the near future.


Contractors must work around these delays and supply chain issues to keep the project moving. For instance, contractors may cover up openings and dry in the rest of the building while waiting for the windows to arrive. This approach enables the project to move forward and minimizes the impact of delays caused by the supply chain issues.


The availability of materials is affecting different areas of construction. For instance, the price of lumber has gone up, which has affected the cost of building a deck or a fence. Some materials such as composite decking have not been affected by these price hikes, and homeowners could opt for these alternatives.


In conclusion, the availability of materials is a significant issue in the construction industry today. The delay in the supply chain has caused the prices of construction materials to go up, which has had an impact on the cost of construction projects. Homeowners should be aware of these issues and work with contractors who are experienced in working around these problems. By doing so, they can complete their projects without significant delays or cost overruns.

Apollo Nava