How To Install A Beam


Home renovations can be a daunting task, but when handled by professionals, it can be a breeze. In a recent video by Brad from Home of Construction, we get an inside look at a first-story addition in Palm Harbor. Brad starts off the video by revealing that it’s his 40th birthday, but quickly moves on to discussing the addition at hand.


The video showcases the existing living space where the addition will be constructed. The old window has been removed, and the roof is down, with the addition now dried in. The next task at hand is to remove the block wall, but it’s not that simple. The exterior wall of the second story sits directly on this wall, and a beam is required to support it. Brad explains that they will use a three-ply beam made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL).


Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an incredibly strong piece of lumber. It’s made by gluing little sheets of plywood together and can support thousands of pounds of weight. Brad explains that they stack the LVLs together and nail them together in a random pattern. In a beam of this length, it can take up to 200 nails to hold it together. The end result is a beam that can support the second-story wall.


Once the beam is in place, the floor joists can be removed from the outside wall, allowing the third LVL to be slid in. With the addition now supported, they can proceed to rough in the electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems. They’ll then pour the concrete and install the drywall, closing up the space.


Brad highlights the benefits of using modern building products like LVL. In the past, a huge timber beam would have been required, and it would have taken up to ten people to install. With LVL, the beam can be installed by two to three people, making the process more manageable.


As the video concludes, Brad reminds viewers that LVL is a commonly used building product in the industry. It’s remarkable what can be achieved with modern building materials, making the construction process more manageable and efficient.


In conclusion, Home of Construction showcases the intricacies of adding an addition to an existing home. The use of LVL beam highlights the benefits of modern building materials, making the construction process more manageable and efficient. Brad’s explanation of the process is easy to understand and gives viewers a glimpse into the world of construction.

Apollo Nava