Can I Remove My Kitchen Soffit? What Happens When You Take A Kitchen Ceiling Down? Tampa General Contractor Answers!


In this article, we’re exploring what happens when the remodeling process begins. Focusing on ceiling removal and replacement, there are some important building code issues that may come along with it. 


When removing parts of a wall or ceiling, oftentimes important wires, joined with electrical tape, will become exposed. 


Wires that have been connected with electrical tape are called junctions. Their purpose is to join electrical wires together to keep the current flowing from one room to another. In residential and commercial settings, this process has to be completed according to Florida building code. Which involves housing the electrical unit in a specialized box that has a switch. 


Many of these wires that become exposed are stored underneath the trusses of a home. This is a common issue contractors face when reinstalling drywall since the wires are supposed to be under the trusses, not over. 


If you’re in a situation where you’re replacing a ceiling and improperly installed wires become exposed, you have to either have an electrician rerun the wires or have a plan to properly accommodate them in the remodel.


With trusses, you can’t cut them to incorporate wires because this disturbs the structural elements of the home and creates weak points. If there is a heavy load and the trusses have been cut, they can bend and potentially collapse. 


Taking out an element such as a drop ceiling can have improperly coded wires fall through, so it’s important you’re prepared to properly accommodate and solve this issue according to current building codes. 


The interesting thing with remodels is that many times contractors will run into parts of a home that are not up to the current building code. So if you disturb any of these elements, they must be fixed.


Many older homes will experience issues with improper electrical wire installment. 


Improperly installed electrical wires are just one of the multiple building code issues contractors can face when completing remodeling projects. If you run into a similar issue, it’s always best to consult with your contractor on how to properly fix it. 


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-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia