Should I Have The Same Flooring Throughout My House? Can I Do Different Flooring In Different Rooms?


Using the same flooring or different flooring in your home is a common question we receive. But deciding between which option to use depends on your existing space and the look you’re trying to achieve. 


It’s recommended that you should have the same flooring throughout your home, besides the bathroom, which should have tile flooring. 


If your home is completely tile, then it should also extend into the bathroom.


Having anything other than tile in your bathroom is a bad choice. This is because there is a large volume of water being used in the space, so if you had flooring such as carpet, mold can begin to grow from continuous contact with water. 


Having the same flooring throughout your home creates a seamless and larger look. It makes everything flow together much smoother. 


Now, if you’re already in a larger home, you can use different flooring to achieve certain looks and designs in your rooms. 


For example, in a study room, you can use a low-pile carpet (which is less fluffy than a normal carpet). This will make the room feel much more cozier and comfortable.


With larger homes that have specialized rooms, you can be more creative and mix up the flooring styles to match the theme of the room. 


If you decide to go with different flooring, it’s recommended that you use the same quality of flooring material throughout the home. This is because using different material quality for your flooring can create disjunction within the home, and make it look like you spent your entire budget on one room, rather than the whole home. 


The only space in your home that can stray from the rest of the flooring is your bathroom. Since the bathroom has a completely separate function from the rest of the home, you have the freedom to transform your space into whatever look you desire, regardless of how the rest of the home looks. 


Deciding to go with the same or different flooring comes down to your home’s layout, room design, and what look you are trying to achieve.


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-Brad Bachand

Transcribed/Published by Emily Lavechia

Emily Lavechia