How Can I Remodel My Townhome?


Home Love Construction is currently remodeling a townhome in Clearwater Beach and Brad, the owner of Home Love Construction, is giving a tour of the project. The focus of the tour is the master bathroom, which is currently in the process of being renovated. The old shower has been removed, and a new master shower is being installed in its place. The toilet is also being moved from its original location to next to the shower. A custom vanity with a makeup tower is also being added to the bathroom. The garden tub is being removed and replaced with a freestanding pedestal tub that will be located in a window area with a view of the bay. The ceiling is also being vaulted to give the room a more spacious feel. The wall that was previously limiting the size of the bathroom is being pulled back by a foot, and the bathroom will be made wider and deeper. The excess space is being used for a large walk-in closet.


The kitchen is also undergoing renovations. The wall is being pushed out by six feet, and the small balcony area is being expanded. The chimney for an old fireplace is being removed, and the extra space will be used for a bed and reading area in the bedroom. The kitchen cabinets have already been installed, and the company has a new policy of starting a project once the cabinets have arrived to avoid delays.


Downstairs, Brad is showing the progress on the kitchen. There is a lot of cabinetry already in place. The old fireplace chimney is being removed, and the wall is being pushed out to create more space for the bedroom. The small balcony area is being retained and will be used as a juilliard balcony with a new railing. The end unit has a beautiful intercoastal view.


In conclusion, Home Love Construction is doing a thorough job of renovating the townhome in Clearwater Beach. The master bathroom and kitchen are both undergoing significant changes to make the space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. The project is progressing well, and the end result will be a beautifully renovated home with plenty of space and a breathtaking view.

Apollo Nava