How Long Does A Condo Remodel Take?


Home Love Construction is proud to present their latest remodeling project in downtown Tampa. In this ten-paragraph article, we will take you through a tour of the final stages of this condo remodel and showcase the features and improvements made to make this space a modern, functional and beautiful home.


The first thing that will catch your eye when walking in the door is the massive fireplace that stretches from the floor to the 10-foot ceiling. The fireplace was built using fabricated metal and has a natural stone finish. It also features a clean-burning ethanol fireplace that doesn’t put off heat or gases, making it ideal for use in a closed space.


In the living room, the focus has been shifted from the wall to the fireplace, making it the center of attention in the space. The room is now designed so that everyone is facing the same direction, making it perfect for entertaining guests or cooking in the kitchen.


The entryway has been transformed by eliminating the coat closet and replacing it with pre-finished wood shelves. The shelves were custom-made to fit the space and required a special mounting system. The shelves will provide open storage and will be accented by a piece of furniture placed beneath them.


The guest bedroom has been rearranged to provide a comfortable and functional workspace. A prefabricated desk and smaller rolling desk have been added to create a home office area. Large cabinets provide ample storage, and the room is accented by beautiful chrome poles.


The bathrooms have undergone a full gut and have been transformed into modern, functional spaces. The guest bathroom features a shower in place of the old tub and is accented by large tiles and high-end hardware.


The doors throughout the condo have been replaced with laminate doors that feature a pre-finished satin look. The doors are protected from water and feature chrome strips to give them a modern, five-panel shaker look. The chrome levers are also from M Tech and are a beautiful addition to the space.


The condo’s bathrooms are a highlight of the remodel and feature beautiful tiles, high-end hardware and modern fixtures. The bathrooms have been completely transformed and are now functional, comfortable and stylish spaces.


The attention to detail in this remodel is evident in every aspect of the space. From the fireplace, to the shelves, to the doors, to the hardware, every aspect has been carefully considered and executed to create a beautiful and functional home.


In conclusion, this condo remodel by Home Love Construction is a showcase of their talent and dedication to their craft. From the massive fireplace to the modern bathroom, every aspect of the space has been transformed into a beautiful, functional and stylish home. If you’re in the market for a home renovation, be sure to contact Home Love Construction to bring your vision to life.

Apollo Nava