How Do I Buy Someone Else’s Plans & Get It Engineered?


Brad from Home of Construction is answering a question from Rob Gravel about buying someone else’s plans and getting it engineered. Brad is a seasoned builder who has been in the industry for a long time and is well-versed in all aspects of home building, including engineering and building permits. In this article, we will go over Brad’s detailed explanation of how to buy someone else’s plans and get it engineered legally.


Step 1: Contact a Local Draftsman or Engineering Firm:


The first step in getting someone else’s plans engineered is to contact a local draftsman or engineering firm. A draftsman is someone who draws plans, and an engineering firm is a company that specializes in the design and analysis of structures. A draftsman will have an easier time communicating with an engineer and getting the work done for you. If you go straight to an engineer, you might not get a call back because they get so much communication from drafting professionals.


Step 2: Get the Plans in a .dwg File:


Before purchasing the plans online, make sure you can get them in a .dwg file. This is a CAD file that the draftsman and engineer need in order to make any notes or changes to the plans. If the plans are not in a .dwg file, the draftsman and engineer will have to redraw the entire plan, which is not worth the time and effort.


Step 3: Send the Plans to the Draftsman or Engineer:


Once you have the plans in a .dwg file, send them to the draftsman or engineer. They will then review the plans and make any necessary changes or additions. The draftsman or engineer will then charge you a fee for their services, which will include the cost of engineering and managing the project. This fee will typically range from $1,500 to $2,500.


Step 4: Get the Plans Sealed and Approved by the Engineer:


Once the draftsman or engineer has reviewed the plans and made any necessary changes, they will stamp and seal the plans. This means that the engineer has approved the plans and they meet all the necessary requirements for building in your area. This is an important step in getting the plans approved by the building department.


Step 5: Submit the Plans to the Building Department:


After the plans have been stamped and sealed by the engineer, submit them to the building department. They will then review the plans and issue a permit for construction. This permit will allow you to build the house according to the plans.


Step 6: Hire a General Contractor or Subcontractors:


Once you have the permit for construction, you can either hire a general contractor to build the house for you or hire subcontractors to do the work. If you have the skills and knowledge, you can even build the house yourself.


Step 7: Start Building the House:


With the permit in hand, you can now start building the house. This is an exciting time, and you will finally be able to see your dream house come to life.


Step 8: Contact Home of Construction for Help:


If you need help with the process of buying someone else’s plans and getting it engineered, Brad from Home of Construction would love to help you personally. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, you can reach out to him directly. If you have a question like Rob’s, you can email Home of Construction at homeloveconstruction.gmail.com.

Apollo Nava