What Do I Need To Get A Building Permit?


Building permits are essential for any construction project, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor. The state of Florida has specific requirements that must be met in order to obtain a building permit. In this article, we will go over the steps required to get a building permit in Florida.


To obtain a building permit, the first thing you need is a building permit application. This form must be filled out and submitted to your local municipality. The form will ask for information about your property and the proposed improvements that you are planning.


If your project involves structural work, then you will need an engineered set of plans. Most counties in Florida will not issue a building permit without having an engineer sign off on the plans, ensuring that the work is being done to Florida building code and will be done safely.


Another requirement for a building permit is a list of Florida product approval codes. These codes certify that products such as windows have been tested and rated to withstand winds in your area, as well as wind-borne debris. You will need to provide a list of all of the product approval codes and a drawing of where they will be installed on the building.


If you are hiring a general contractor to do the work, you will need a Notice of Commencement. This is a requirement by the county, and it informs them that the contractor has the right to put a mechanics lien on the house in case of non-payment. This document must be filed and recorded.


For low-lying areas, a Flood Zone Affidavit may also be required. This document states that you are aware that the building is in a flood zone and that you are either building above the high water line or meeting the FEMA requirements if building below it.


If you are not a contractor and do not want to deal with the building department, you can use the services of a company like Home Love Construction. Home Love Construction offers permitting only services to clients and typically processes 5 to 10 permits per month in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Their services include getting all of the required information together, submitting the permit application, getting the permit approved and issued, calling in inspections, and handling any corrections that may be needed.


The permitting process does not end once the permit is issued. There is also an inspections process that must be followed. If the work is not done correctly and does not meet building code, the county will often require corrections. This is where having a company like Home Love Construction can be helpful, as they can handle the inspections process and ensure that all corrections are made.


In conclusion, obtaining a building permit in Florida requires specific steps and documentation. It is important to understand these requirements and follow them, as failure to do so can result in fines and other legal issues. If you are not comfortable dealing with the building department, consider using the services of a company like Home Love Construction.

Apollo Nava