How To Demo A Tile Bathroom


Brad from Home Love Construction takes us on a tour of a guest bathroom that they are about to renovate. He informs us that the bathroom has a tub, and he will be discussing waterproofing around it. The renovation will involve removing a lot of drywall, and installing a cement board surround which will then be waterproofed with Ardex S1K waterproofer. Brad notes that this is different from the Schluter system surround that they usually install in showers. This is because in a shower, there is no preform of the base to bring water in.


Brad highlights that the tub will allow water to flow down safely, hence, waterproofing will not be a problem. This is different from showers where the wall meets the floor and needs to be waterproofed. Brad adds that the unique feature of this renovation is that they will use an Ardex product to prime and go over the existing tile. This will enable them to install a sheet mosaic tile over it, giving it a nice finished product.


Brad introduces the Ardex V 1200 self-leveler which they will use in this renovation. It will be mixed in a 10-gallon mixing bucket, and poured out on the floor. A gauge rake will be used to rake it out, creating a smooth, flat surface that will allow tiles to be adhered to it in a consistent manner. Brad notes that the self-leveler does not necessarily make the floor perfectly level, but creates an even consistency on a non-level surface of up to one and a half degrees.


In discussing the products they will use, Brad highlights the Duroc cement board, which is a fiber mesh that has cement in it, giving it tensile strength and rigidity. He notes that they will also use an Ardex S1K waterproofer to waterproof the cement board surround.


Brad explains that the guest bathroom’s floor will be a sheet mosaic tile that comes in 12 by 12, which will be installed over the nice level floor. The result will be a nice finished product that will transition to the vinyl flooring in the rest of the house. Brad assures the viewer that the end result will look mint.


The renovation process involves a lot of repair work on the drywall, which is evident as we observe the space. Brad notes that the drywall repair is necessary, and the viewer gets to see all the repair work that is required.


Brad mentions that this renovation project is unique since they will be using the existing tile and will not need to replace it. He goes ahead to showcase the Ardex P primer, which will be used to paint over the existing tile before the sheet mosaic tile is installed.


The renovation process involves pouring the self-leveler out on the floor, which requires a lot of mixing. Brad notes that they have a mixing bucket that can handle up to 10 gallons. A gauge rake is used to rake the self-leveler out on the floor, creating a smooth, flat surface.


Brad takes the viewer through the entire process of renovating a guest bathroom, highlighting the materials and products that will be used. He assures the viewer that the end product will look nice and transition seamlessly to the rest of the house. The video is informative, and the viewer gets to see the entire renovation process as it unfolds.

Apollo Nava