How To Get Started In Construction: Tips From A General Contractor


If you’re looking to get started in the construction industry, there are a few different routes you can take. The traditional way is to become an apprentice and work for a licensed contractor for five years, or to have a professional degree in engineering. However, this can be a long and difficult process that may deter some from pursuing a career in construction.


Brad from Home Love Construction wants to introduce an alternative way to enter the industry. He offers a franchise program that allows individuals to start their own construction company within a week. This program allows individuals to run their own business using Home Love Construction’s license, without the need for five years of experience or a professional degree.


To become a franchisee, one must fill out an application and be approved by Home Love Construction. Once the legal paperwork is completed and it is determined that the individual has the necessary experience, an agreement is signed that makes the individual a subcontractor of Home Love Construction. The franchisee is then able to represent the Home Love Construction brand and sell for them, sign contracts on their behalf, or even prepare contracts that Home Love Construction will sign and send to clients. The franchisee operates under the protection of Home Love Construction’s license and brand, and is provided with leads for high-dollar value construction projects.


Currently, Home Love Construction has around 10 franchisees in the Tampa Bay area and South Florida, and one in Sarasota and Orlando. However, the program is expanding and is looking for more individuals to join in other geographic areas. If you’re interested in this program, it’s important to act quickly as spots in certain areas may not be available forever.


The program is perfect for individuals who have experience in construction but are unable to obtain a license due to lack of experience or professional degree. It also provides an opportunity for those who are looking to take on more serious projects and become a general contractor.


Home Love Construction’s franchise program is a great way to get started in the construction industry without having to wait five years or obtain a professional degree. It allows individuals to operate under the protection of a reputable company’s license and brand, and provides leads for high-dollar value construction projects. To learn more about the program and see videos of people who have already joined, visit homelove.construction/franchise.

Apollo Nava