How To Install Concrete


Home renovations can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and experience, it can be a rewarding experience. In this transcript, Brad from Home Love Construction shares some insight into the planning and logistics of bathroom renovations. Silvio asks Brad how he learned this trade, to which Brad replies that he learned through years of hands-on experience on job sites, as well as his father’s expertise as a contractor.


One aspect of bathroom renovations that Brad highlights is the importance of choosing the right materials. He showcases two different types of concrete mixes: high-strength concrete and sand mix. High-strength concrete is better suited for a flat surface, while sand mix can be molded to create a slope down to a drain. Brad emphasizes the significance of having the right concrete mix when installing heavy items such as free-standing pedestal tubs, which can put a lot of load on a small area.


Another crucial aspect of bathroom renovations is waterproofing. Brad showcases a Schluter system prefabricated niche that is completely waterproof, sealed against water, moisture, and vapor. He highlights the importance of using cement board and sealing around the edges to ensure that the bathroom is properly waterproofed. Brad also emphasizes the use of a thinset, which helps to integrate the cement board and the tile work.


While the use of a Schluter system for waterproofing and cement board for tiling may seem like a common approach, Brad highlights the importance of proper installation. He notes that the Schluter system is made of foam and wrapped in Schluter Kerdi cloth material, which is a fabric that crystalizes when thinset is applied. This creates a tight grip that makes it almost impossible to remove tiles from the system.


Throughout the transcript, Brad emphasizes the importance of attention to detail and proper planning in bathroom renovations. He highlights the need for careful selection of materials, proper waterproofing, and a well-integrated tile work. He also emphasizes the importance of having a skilled team that can execute these tasks effectively.


In terms of the specific project showcased in the transcript, Brad and his team are preparing for a tub and shower surround installation. They have already completed the concrete work and are now preparing for the bedding mix in the shower pan. They still need to cover the shower walls with cement board and frame a couple of new walls. Once these tasks are complete, the team will begin the tile work.


Overall, the transcript offers some useful insights into the planning and execution of bathroom renovations. It highlights the importance of careful material selection, waterproofing, and a well-integrated tile work. It also showcases the importance of hands-on experience and the guidance of an experienced contractor. By paying close attention to these details and working with skilled professionals, homeowners can achieve a bathroom renovation that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Apollo Nava