How To Make Money Through NETWORKING


In this transcript, Brad, a business owner, shares tips on how to effectively network in business. He starts by explaining why networking is still a valuable business strategy even in the digital marketing era. Despite the advancements in social media and digital marketing, face-to-face networking is still crucial for businesses. Brad also warns against becoming the “glad-hander” who networks all the time without bringing value to any networking groups.


Brad highlights how to get local networking groups to seek you out as a member by executing effective networking techniques. He emphasizes that networking is nuanced and detailed and requires one to pay attention to the little distinctions that can bring significant value to their business. By executing the techniques he shares, one can potentially double their business size in the next year.


Brad addresses the common misconceptions that people have about networking. Most people picture a room full of uncomfortable individuals dressed in suits and ties, but he emphasizes that this doesn’t have to be the case. Networking is not just about giving out business cards or following some mainstream watered-down crap. Effective networking involves making little tweaks and distinctions that can change one’s business significantly.


For Brad, networking has not only helped him make new friends, but it has also been beneficial to his business. The changes have been phenomenal and better than what he expected. The bottom line is that networking can exceed one’s expectations and doesn’t have to carry all the baggage one may think it does.


Brad advises that the key to effective networking is to avoid being the person who networks all the time but doesn’t add value to the networking groups. Instead, one should aim to make genuine connections and add value to the groups. Brad provides insights on how to handle conflicts of interest between people who do the same thing, and how to handle referrals in networking groups.


Lastly, Brad shares a bonus tip on how to get the attention of every single person in the room when networking. He advises that one should be the center of energy and try to be charismatic and confident when making connections. He encourages people to execute his networking tips and promises that they will get significant value out of it.


In conclusion, effective networking is an essential aspect of business growth. Brad highlights the importance of networking and how it can help businesses grow. He also provides detailed insights into how one can execute effective networking techniques and avoid the common misconceptions that people have about networking. By avoiding the common pitfalls and following his tips, businesses can double their size in the next year. Effective networking is a nuanced and detailed process that requires one to make little tweaks and distinctions that can bring significant value to their business.

Apollo Nava