How To Price Services As A General Contractor


Home Love Construction’s Brad offers valuable insights on how to price general contracting services. In this video, Brad explains that the standard 20% margin is not enough to cover all the costs associated with a general contracting project. Most contractors aim for a 40% margin, which allows them to bring in more money and hire additional help. If a contractor is struggling with pricing, Brad offers to assist through the Home Love Construction website.


Brad also mentions that Home Love Construction offers franchises for contractors who want to be part of their established system and brand. By opening a franchise, contractors can quickly get involved in the business and utilize the systems and processes developed by Home Love Construction over the past five years.


For clients watching the video, Brad acknowledges that the 40% margin may seem high but explains that it is necessary for contractors to make a living. High expectations from clients can make it challenging for contractors to live off of only 20% margins, and the 40% margin is more realistic.


In conclusion, Brad encourages contractors to reach out for help with pricing through the Home Love Construction website, or consider opening a franchise with Home Love Construction. Clients are also reminded of the necessary costs associated with general contracting and the importance of understanding the 40% margin.



Apollo Nava