How To Start A Home Remodel


Home Love Construction, led by Brad, is a contracting company that specializes in turning ideas into reality. For homeowners who have ideas for their homes, but don’t know how to make it happen, Home Love Construction is the right company to call. The company’s expertise and experience make it possible to take an idea from a concept in someone’s mind to an actual physical reality.


The process of turning an idea into a reality starts with the idea itself. The homeowner has to have an idea of what they want to do with their home. The next step is to share the idea with someone who has the necessary experience and skills to bring the idea to life. This is where Home Love Construction comes in. The company has the experience and the skills to take an idea and turn it into a reality.


Brad uses a project he worked on in Redington Shores to illustrate the process of turning an idea into a reality. The homeowners had an idea of replacing their windows and adding a slider in place of a fireplace that was blocking their view of the water. Brad came in and advised the homeowners on what was required to make their idea a reality, including the materials and budget required. The homeowners agreed, and a couple of weeks later, the slider was installed, and the view from the sitting room was dramatically improved.


The slider was ten feet wide, made up of two five-foot panels, and it took three strong guys to carry each panel. But the result was worth it, as the value of the home increased with the addition of the slider. The view from the sitting room is now a stunning 20,000 to 40,000 view, with appreciation for the property still on the rise.


In Florida, especially in Redington Shores, adding a slider like this adds value to a home. Brad wants to show the outside of the project so that people can see the impact it has on the home. The slider matches the other side of the house perfectly, and the homeowners can enjoy the view from the comfort of their sitting room.


The pool is also being remodeled, but Home Love Construction doesn’t do pools, however, they do know some good people who can help. Brad wanted to use this project to show what it takes to take an idea from a concept to a reality and that’s what Home Love Construction does. The company takes an idea from the homeowner, transfers it to their minds, the estimator, designer, and then onto paper. Finally, the idea becomes a physical reality in the real world.


In conclusion, Home Love Construction is the company to call for homeowners who have ideas for their homes. Brad and his team have the experience and skills to turn ideas into reality. The process starts with the idea, sharing it with someone who has the necessary experience and skills, and then turning it into a physical reality. Home Love Construction takes the concept from the homeowner’s mind and turns it into a stunning reality.

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