Why is Construction so expensive?


The state of construction industry in Florida, especially in the Tampa Bay area, is undergoing a significant transformation. The demand for construction, remodeling and building houses has skyrocketed, resulting in a significant increase in opportunities in the construction sector. The speaker, visiting a recently remodeled condo in Readington Shores, is impressed by the new floors, baseboards, ceiling fans, and other features that have been added to the property.


However, this demand is also creating some challenges for the construction industry. The speaker mentions that there is a labor shortage, making it challenging to get simple tasks done, such as painting the baseboards, installing doors, and trimming the floor. The painter, for example, can’t paint the baseboards because the semi-gloss paint is not available at Sherwin-Williams, which is having a ripple effect throughout the state.


Another challenge is the delay in the availability of materials. The speaker mentions that they had to pay an extra thousand dollars to their installer to secure the Cambria Calcutta countertops, which was very unusual. It was done so that the client could have the countertops installed on a set date, as they had guests coming to stay.


The speaker also mentions that even seemingly small things are affecting the construction industry heavily. For example, there are delays in getting paint, countertop material, and other items that wouldn’t typically be a big deal, but they’re having a major impact. The speaker mentions that the biggest challenge is the labor shortage, which is not being reported in the news yet but is likely to be one of the biggest stories of 2022.


The speaker goes on to discuss the various changes made to the condo, such as adding a coffee bar, cabinets, and a piece of countertop in the kitchen, as well as rearranging the kitchen. The speaker also mentions the view from the condo, looking out at the beach and the intercoastal.


In conclusion, the construction industry in Florida is facing significant challenges, including a labor shortage, delays in the availability of materials, and other seemingly small issues that are having a major impact. However, despite these challenges, the industry is also experiencing a lot of growth and opportunities, especially in the Tampa Bay area. The speaker, impressed by the remodeled condo, highlights the various changes that have been made, showcasing the potential of the construction industry in Florida.

Apollo Nava