Addition Process Breakdown


Home Love Construction is currently building a room edition in Gulf Harbors in Newport Richie. Brad, from Home Love Construction, gives an update on the progress of the master suite area of the addition. The shower surround is complete, with a tall shower head, tiling, and a beautiful accent that splits the window and outlines the niche. The homeowner, Christine, decided to use a pencil tile to line the outside of the tile and the niche, which Brad thinks looks amazing. The next step for the bathroom is the grouting of the floor, after which the vanity will be set and the countertop will be templated and installed. There will also be outlets for electrical devices near the vanity and on the bottom of the vanity drawer.


In the rest of the room edition area, there is a nice vinyl plank floor and a closet system has been started. Outside, there is a concrete patio with a tile design that will give a worn brick stone look with blue accents. There will also be decking put down on the dock in the future. The windows and doors are in and have been stuccoed, which helps to show how the project is progressing.


Brad mentions that the project is still in the middle of construction but is getting towards the end. He believes it’s good for people to see how these things progress so that they have a better understanding of what a completed project should look like. He also mentions that for most people, a home remodel is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it’s important to understand the process.


Overall, the room edition project is coming along nicely, with a beautiful shower surround, tiling, and a well-planned electrical setup. The exterior of the addition is also being designed with a beautiful patio and decking that will add to the overall look and feel of the property. With the project getting close to the end, Brad gives us a sneak peek into what the finished product will look like.

Apollo Nava