Condo Remodel Ideas!


Home Love Construction is a company based in downtown Tampa that specializes in remodeling and renovation projects. The company’s owner, Brad, has recently provided an update on the progress of a condo remodel project. The master bathroom and the guest bathroom are both in the process of being renovated. The master bathroom is in the tile stages and the guest bathroom is ready for grout.


Albert, the tile specialist at Home Love Construction, has been working on the master bathroom. The company has decided to use a 16-inch straight lay tile with larger grout joints. The shower and tub area have been waterproofed using a Kerdi cloth waterproofing membrane by Schluter Systems. The shower walls have also been waterproofed, which means that the firewall does not have to be disturbed. The wall of the shower features an accent wavy tile, and the rest of the walls will be covered with straight lay tile.


The guest bathroom is now ready for the grout to be installed. The shower area features straight line tiles on all the walls, which gives the room a luxurious 30th-story bathroom feel. The vanity area continues the grout joints from the walls to the floor, which creates a seamless look. The shower area also features a deep recessed niche, which is eight inches deep, and has a pitch to prevent water from flowing back in. The shower area is equipped with a double shower head and a natural stone tile floor.


The electrical work and other finishing touches have also been completed in the guest bathroom. The homeowner’s home office is located in the bathroom and was created by removing a closet and drywalling the space. A large built-in storage and desk area will also be installed on one of the walls.


The living room of the condo is also undergoing a renovation. A tube-framed stainless steel frame is being installed to create a built-in fireplace. The fireplace will stretch from the floor to the ceiling, and a TV will be mounted in the center of it. The fireplace will be stone-faced, and a mantel will be installed on either side.


In conclusion, Home Love Construction is doing an excellent job on the condo remodel project in downtown Tampa. The master bathroom and the guest bathroom are both coming along nicely, and the living room is also being transformed into a luxurious space. The company’s focus on waterproofing, electrical work, and design details shows that they take their work seriously and are committed to delivering high-quality results.

Apollo Nava