Material Shortage Update! What Is Delayed Now And Why Is It Happening? (FEB 2022)


Home of Construction’s Brad provides an update on the current state of construction materials, particularly in Florida, in February 2022. Currently, there are shortages in windows, cabinets, and metal and glass materials. Windows are especially affected, with fast manufacturers taking 16-20 weeks to deliver and slow ones taking up to 40 weeks. This time frame can delay a renovation project significantly. Cabinets also have a waiting period, with some semi-custom cabinet lines taking up to 12 weeks and others 30-40 weeks to arrive. Lumber has largely normalized, but trusses are still in high demand, making them difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Trusses usually take 2-4 weeks for a quote, and another 12-20 weeks to manufacture and deliver.


At Home of Construction, they take proactive measures to ensure that their projects don’t get delayed due to lack of materials. They immediately finalize and order trusses and windows as soon as a deposit is collected, to avoid delays in starting a project. This system has allowed them to avoid the common issue of projects being put on hold due to waiting on materials.


However, those considering a major renovation must be aware of the long wait times for windows, cabinets, and trusses. It is essential to ensure that the contractor is handling the ordering of these materials in advance so they arrive on time. A custom renovation, such as a kitchen renovation costing $100,000, won’t be possible if essential materials are not available. Brad emphasizes the importance of preparation and advance ordering in ensuring the smooth and efficient completion of a renovation project.


Apollo Nava