What Do I Need A Contractor’s License for In Florida?


In Florida, obtaining a contractor’s license is a requirement for almost every type of construction work. This includes tasks like tile backsplash, kitchen renovation, flooring, bathroom remodeling, and even painting. Although not all of these tasks are strictly enforced, it is important to have a license if you want to avoid potential legal problems.


A common misconception is that a handyman license is sufficient for tasks like hanging pictures or installing a toilet. However, even these tasks require a license in Florida. In many cases, a plumber’s license is required for plumbing work, but code enforcement is not likely to enforce this requirement for small tasks.


However, what starts as a small project can quickly escalate. For example, if you start with a tile backsplash, it can lead to a full kitchen renovation and then a bathroom remodel. If you become known for good prices and quality work, you may be asked to take on larger projects. If a code enforcement truck rolls up and you don’t have a permit or license, you could face serious consequences. Contracting without a license is considered a serious offense in Florida.


There are two ways to legally operate without a license. The first way is to become a subcontractor for a general contractor who has a license. This is allowed under the Jim Walters exception, which states that if a licensed general contractor is directly supervising the work or remotely through picture reports, their license covers the work of the subcontractor. The subcontractor still needs their own insurance and workman’s compensation, but they don’t need a license.


The second way to legally operate without a license is to obtain an occupational license, such as a painting license, in most counties in Florida. This license is required for tasks like paint, drywall, doors, trim, and other related tasks.


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In conclusion, obtaining a contractor’s license is important in Florida for almost all types of construction work. If you don’t want to obtain a license, you can become a subcontractor for a general contractor who has a license or obtain an occupational license in most counties. Before starting any construction work, it is important to understand the legal requirements to avoid potential legal problems.

Apollo Nava